Magpie’s miscellany

FINALLY, the semester is wrapping up.  I’m on the last leg of paper grading (the most hated part of my job, an ironically cruel task as I normally love to read).

Woman Made Gallery in Chicago is doing an Artisan Gallery Invitational, and I’m one of the artists with my glass necklaces:

My web man David Moore (check out his site in the links column) has updated the site with the Etsy link too.  So, as soon as I get my act together (next week), I’ll be plugging away at that.

Today is the first ever hope-to-be-annual Craft Bizarre, a student run arts and crafts sale in the upper level of the Claypool-Young Art Gallery.  It was the idea of my Undergraduate Fellow (a merit based program @ MSU where students work with faculty on research projects) Alaina Rhinesmith.  She has done an amazing job, and now can put Event Manager on her resume.  I will have some jewelry there to sell as well.

On the topic of sales, Ann Olson and I had a splendid time at the Appalachian Holiday Art and Craft Fair at MSU this past Saturday.  Here are some pics of our booth:

Full Booth

Jewelry with Mannequin

Our Artwork

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