Getting burnt out

I have a problem. It’s the “when a number of unhappy accidents collide in a raging confluence” syndrone happens, I can have a hissy fit.

My boyfriend says I remind him of Bree from Desperate Housewives when I get like that.

A major part of the hissy: a young gallery coordinator, supposedly operating a “sales gallery” for a non-profit art education organization (huh? – don’t sales gallery normally operate as for-profits and don’t non-profits want to make money ~of course~ but don’t choose their artwork just because of that fact), decided to make the “executive decision” to just CHANGE my prices on my work because, in his expert opinion of all of his young-twentysomething self, they were too high.

Too high (visit the web site @ to see the “too high” prices).

So he changed them.

Then, was affronted this afternoon when I called and told him, well, OK, but I need 24 hour notice should anyone be interested. And then he had to let me know about the monumental risk I was taking by “turning people off” and I responded that it’s just a risk I’m willing to take.

This is coupled with the fact that NO ONE showed up to the opening. I mean, that I understand. But, now, to sell my work from out from under me without even a discussion with me. I work with sale galleries – I’m never been treated like this prior.

But, these are all good lessons to learn re: my day professional. Don’t treat artists like idiots. Especially about money and their art.

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