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Manna from Heaven

Manna from Heaven detail (click for larger)

Manna from Heaven, 2009 Embellished Textile Assemblage 7 x 5″

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Jennifer Reis Queenie, 2010 Embellished Textile Assemblage 12 x 8″ $500   [wp_cart:Queenie:price:500:end]    

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someone e-mailed me . . . and images of Queenie

Queenie (Barcelona), 2010

About info on the upcoming Winchester, Ky weekend workshop upcoming, so here’s info, peeps: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jennifer A. Reis, teaching artist and assistant professor at Morehead State University, will host an embellished textile weekend workshop at the Winchester Opera House on Saturday, February 27th – Sunday, February 28th from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. in Winchester, [...]

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Three workshop announcements!

Mardi Gras Mask Workshop sample

Three workshops upcoming in 2010 . . . Mardi Gras Mask Workshop @ Byzantium Beads (1088 N. High St., Columbus Ohio) on Saturday, Feb 6 from 12:15 – 5:15.  Contact info: Here’s a photo! Weekend textile workshop @ Winchester Opera House in Winchester, KY on Saturday, Feb. 27 & Sunday, Feb 28 (and Emma [...]

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Finishing up 2009 . . .

Ecce Homo: applique, embroidery, laminates, found objects, and hand-painted acrylic/ink shrink art

It’s hard to believe 2009 is nearly over, and so is the window of time to make work with that date on it.  With exhibition call for entries seemingly reducing the artwork “birth” date from 5 to 3 to now 2 years old, it’s not such a bad thing that something started in 2009 is [...]

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Queen of the 11th Hour returns . . .

Rites of Spring

Finally finished the Rites of Spring piece . . . The piece has laminates, Swarovski crystals, scapular, jewelry, bugle beads, embroidery, applique, etc. etc.  The piece is about 7 1/2 x 5 1/2″ and is framed in a black shadowbox. I’ll be teaching @ Winchester Opera House this Saturday from 12:30 – 5:30 p.m., in [...]

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Better late than never . . .

Artwork example, framed

Embellished Textile Assemblage Workshop Saturday, November 7, 12:30 – 5:30 p.m. $30 includes all supplies A signed copy of Creative Quilting with Beads, a Lark Books publication featuring the artist’s work, is available for an additional $25. Reservations required! Space is limited! Call to reserve space by THURSDAY, NOV 5! (sorry for the late notice!) [...]

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New works coming up . . .

Appalachian Altar: Communion, 2009

So due to a fellowship report being due TODAY by 4:30 (this is the story of my life lately, and has led back to the old eye-twitch tick I get when severely stressed – it’s attractive, since I look like Bill the Cat when it happens!). . . . here are some new artworks! And [...]

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New smalls (bon mots) & other news

Which Came First, 2009, Embell Textile, about 4 x 6" - quickie photo

So, under the thumb of many a deadline, and just because they are more fun to make, I’ve been cranking out some small pieces that I think I am generally going to start to refer to as my “bon mots”. Other than that, and dealing with exhibition rotation @ the Claypool-Young Art Gallery, I’ve been [...]

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Fiber Focus 2009 press

Fiber Focus 2009 Invite

Art St. Louis has information about the exhibition Fiber Focus 2009 up on its WEB SITE.  The exhibition is a regional show open to several states.  Only a handful of Kentucky artists are in it, including Arturo Sandoval, and of course, me.  I thought I might fit in a trip to St. Louisy, but “the [...]

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Nomadic Shrink Artist – live from Cup of Joe, Clintonville, C-Bus!

Little Edie of Grey Gardens in one of her fantastic and revolutionary outfits!

I’m currently in lovely Columbus, Ohio to teach at Byzantium Beads, this time to do shrink art embellishments for charms, jewelry, etc.  Wine charms are a great use of shrink art (fancy talk for artist grade “shrinky dink”).  If you’re interested in trying this at home (get a toaster oven, first thing!  don’t use your [...]

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Back to Work, Upcoming Exhibitions, Grant Applications, and New Work – Whew!

Shape of Things Exhibition Poster

It’s been a wild month for me as my primary source of income, as in my job as gallery director/asst. prof at Morehead State University, has started once again.  It’s amazing to think that I’ve been here for NINE years now (this is the point in which people say to you, “nine years, really?, nine [...]

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CraftSummer Chronicles Finale

students working CS 2009

Finally, images of the class and work from CraftSummer 2009! Examples of student work . . . Irene Friedman Pat Kaufmann Peggy Hostetter

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Back @ home!

Hungry children @  Jungle Jims.

I’m finally back at home, and as much as I enjoy CraftSummer and being on the road – it’s great to be perched on the Appalachian ridge I call home with 1 paramedic/firefighter, 3 cats, 2 dogs, many lizards, and hoards of birds (I keep the paramedic around for vet care – har, har!). En [...]

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Another dispatch from CraftSummer 2009

Shara Kreissel's Grow and Bloom piece from CraftSummer 2005 Embellished Textile Collage workshop

The week is cranking along, and the students’ projects are really starting to come together.  Tonight is the party Ron Stevens hosts at his house for the faculty, and I’m looking forward to talking more to Bill and Liz Hunt (web site for their ceramics and rustic furniture: Hunt Studios), as Bill teaches at CCAD [...]

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CraftSummer and an official announcement

Mother Meta (in progress): Embellished Textile Assemblage with laminates and acrylic painting on canvas

CraftSummer has begun and it’s a joy as per usual.  In the Narrative Art Textile Class, I have four repeat offenders, which I take as a BIG compliment.  The town of Oxford is lovely (one highlight: Kona Bistro = awesome food and staff), and the CS staff is great. Official announcement: I will STOP saying [...]

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About to leave for CraftSummer 2009 @ Miami University of Ohio

a simple template for an accordian style fabric book

Almost off to Miami U of Ohio for CraftSummer 2009!  This is my third time teaching @ CS and it’s been a great time in the past.  There’s a twist on the class (media: textile surface design with stitching, embellishing, and mixed media): the focus will be on narrative art.  I’m very excited to see [...]

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New site is up, and new studio is set up!

Me (looking like an urban gypsy) & Roxy Paine's sculpture on the roof of the Met Museum

After a hiatus from the web site, blogging, and other things promotional, I’m back! David Moore, MSU Alum, set up this new & improved web site for me which I’m looking forward to actually using, as it’s a WordPress structure and (hopefully) easier to alter than my clunky, built-from-scratch former one. Check out David’s great [...]

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God Bless Our War

God Bless Our War (click for larger)

God Bless Our War (from the Patriot Actions Series), Handworked embellished textile assemblage, 2005 7 x 5″   In 2005, I became a series I am tentatively calling Patriot Actions. There is one primary work in the series (Supply and Demand, thumbnail lower right), with smaller pieces in the same theme. These pieces are a [...]

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St. Jude, Save Us

St. Jude, Save Us (click for larger)

Jennifer A. Reis St. Jude, 2005, Handworked embell. textile assemblage, 20 x 12″ Sold As stated previously, the origins for this work are in Baltimore, MD, at the Shrine of St. Jude. I visited in March 2005. However, doing a piece about St. Jude, the saint of lost or hopeless causes, was appropriate for my [...]

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One for Sorrow

One for Sorrow (click for larger)

One for Sorrow, 2007 Embellished Textile Assemblage 7 x 5″

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Creative Quilting with Beads

Creative Quilting with Beads Cover (click for larger)
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Serpents and Sinners

Serpents and Sinners (click for original image details)

Serpents & Sinners, 2008 (from “Creative Quilting With Beads”, Lark Book Publication) Embellished Textile Assemblage 12 x 8″ $500   [wp_cart:Serpents & Sinners:price:500:end]

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Pushing Up Daisys

Pushing Up Daisys (click for larger)

Pushing Up Daisies, 2007 Embellished Textile Assemblage, 8 x 6″ Sold

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