Zen Gallery Exhibition, Workshop & Exhibition updates

The first exhibition of the season is UP! The show is called “I’m Not That Innocent” and features work that delves into childhood themes. Here’s some opening receptions shots from last Wednesday….

Kira Campbell and I spent Sunday of this past weekend on a marathon of a road trip to drive to Morgantown and back to install an exhibition opening this weekend at Zen Clay Gallery – all total, about a 14 hour trip. Needless to say, I spent Labor Day in true rest from that work.

Here are some images . . .

A gallery wall shot with our works.

My diptych, Two Gothic Vessels with a piece by Kira underneath.

Detail of one of Kira’s pieces….

Some small pieces – if they don’t sell here, hopefully they will be at the Craft Alliance in October.

There will be more images of the opening to come.

I’m getting ready to apply for another Artist Enrichment Grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women. It’s amazing how this deadlines creep up on you suddenly.

And, I did go ahead and apply to Quilt National – last time I did it, it was in 2004, and didn’t get in – not surprisingly, because my work wasn’t that strong. Now, I will be very interested in what happens this time, since (an assumption!) my work is stronger – but, as a gallery director who’s worked with a lot of jurors, it’s all subjective. This summer has been focused more on making work and doing workshops, and the exhibition and other workshop proposals weren’t a priority – which they are definitely going to be in September!

The workshop at CoffeeTree Books in Morehead on Saturday, Sept 13 from 12 – 4 still has one or two slots open – $50 buys the “Creative Quilting with Beads” book and all supplies. It’s a deal. The max head count was set @ 10 – I think we’re up to 8, so it should be a good turn-out.

Finally: took the “big girl” photos of new pieces with my fancy new lighting equipment.

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