yay, yay, yay!!!!

The Kentucky Art Council called me today to tell me I am a recipient of their Al Smith Fellowship!!!! It’s a fellowship to support an artist’s work, and the award is based primarily on artistic merit. I cannot believe it, really. Ask my friend and colleague Lisa, who upon querying last Friday re: the notification date, I said, well, I’m not really paying attention since the feasibility of me winning is nil.

My friend Robert said to me yesterday, you’re developing one hell of an Appalachian inferiority complex. Yep.

I am so excited especially since I was freaking out about the Europe trip upcoming, and even though the workshops I’ve been busy with are covering the costs, putting some money away in the bank is always nice as well. This puts all that to rest.

Other than hysterically jumping up and down re: the fellowship, I’m in the mist of teaching through the Morehead Writing Project, which is loads of fun. My friend Emma (the art ed prof @ MSU) is also able to hang out and get crafty wit’ us, so it’s all that much more pleasant.

I’ve been so privileged this year to hit on a lot of lucky breaks with the art and also professional opportunities. Makes me wonder when the coal truck is going to run me over (I shouldn’t even joke about that…..).

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