Creative Entrepreneurship

At Morehead State University, I coordinate the Arts Entrepreneurship minor and teach the core courses in Arts Entrepreneurship, Arts Administration, and oversee the program’s practicums.

Additionally, I am an arts entrepreneurship consultant available for workshops in topics focusing on strategic planning, marketing, ecommerce, and design thinking.

Interactivity and one-on-one coaching is a strong component of my work with emerging and establishing artists.

Here’s a sample of some of the workshops I host:

Artist Action Planning: Developing a Business Framework and Actionable Goals
Take your artistic dreams and articulate them into actionable goals.  Using the Business Model Canvas, S.W.O.T. analysis, and other strategic planning tools, participants will learn how to put into writing their aspirations and develop them into an action plan.

Getting Started on Etsy
Learn the basics of selling on Etsy!  Taking a “no need to reinvent the wheel” approach, this workshop will focus on analyzing existing shops, and breaking down the core components of successful selling on Etsy.  Special attention will be spent on how to utilize the social media and database aspects of this global marketplace, as well as a “back of the house” view of analytics from a current Etsy seller.

Craft Show Prep
Are you interested in doing some craft shows locally or regionally and don’t know where to start? This workshop will walk you through the research, planning, setup, day-of, and postscript of a craft show so you are prepared to have a successful first experience selling your work directly to the public.

Artistic Narratives in Text and Image: Presenting Yourself to the World
With ecommerce and submitting to art/craft opportunities like shows, presenting yourself professionally in visuals and writing is key.  How do you establish a narrative brand in images and writing to craft compelling content about yourself and your artistic product? This workshop will use Etsy as the jumping off point for crafting a visual craft aesthetic and associated written personal and object narratives (the “who, what, how, & why”).

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