work in progress – dear deer?

Here’s a photo of a piece in progress – not sure what the name of it will be at this point. Right now I’m sewing the ribbon trim around and will then move to sewing fabric yo-yo’s (or as my friend Neil says, DoYo’s) around the edges and beading inside the piece. The background is a old hankie, of which I have a ton. I actually started quilting and working with the background materials more than 7 years ago, got stuck with it, and carried it with me as I moved around various E. KY counties, upended my life, etc., etc! Glad I didn’t give it to Goodwill, as I’m apt to do in a packing frenzy.

Dear Deer?

Emma, Neil and I went to the Giles Gallery last Thursday and I was happy to hear I received a merit award for “The Last (Church) Supper”. Since there’s some paperwork to complete, I won’t get the check anytime soon and it’ll be a surprise anyways since I recycled the prospectus so I have no clue about the dollar amount. Free money is always good, regardless!

Since today was a rare warm and sunny winter day – it’s been a harsh winter here in the hinterlands this year – I told a break from sewing and stacked a cord of wood that some old neighbors from Carter Co dropped off several months ago at the beginning of the snow slog we’ve been dealt. As I also spent part of the day organizing food and making soup, I think my transition to small woodland creature is nearly complete.

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