Winter Wonderland

Besides being house-confined between ice storms and snow white-outs, I’ve been pretty busy making some work, both beginning to paint again and doing some embellished textile pieces.

Craft Alliance is still featuring some of my small pieces (see Queen of the Harpies below), and they’re selling – I’m nearly dumbstruck!

Workshop season is starting again – last weekend I did one at our local book store, CoffeeTree Books, in association with a book signing (Creative Quilting with Beads), and this weekend I’ll be teaching again at Byzantium Beads in Columbus. I’m really enjoying teaching at for-profits, something I thought wouldn’t be workshop venues, but have worked out really well! In April I’ll be at the Society for Contemporary Craft again in Pittsburgh for a weekend workshop, which I’m really looking forward to.

Admittedly, I haven’t been blogging much. The terrible truth is . . . I will soon by moving my entire web site to, with my domain name. I even have WordPress for Dummies in my possession! Since the major activity I do with my web site is blog anyways, I thought it would make sense. We’ll see if it does! This probably won’t happen until Spring Break at the earliest, because judging by the book itself, it’ll be a complicated transaction….

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