When it rains!

After a little dry spell, things are picking up!

Just got back from the Americans for the Arts conference in Philly, and en route, when to NYC to the Garment District (tried, with my best effort, to be good!) and bought some great black trims I’ve been using to frame my pieces and some different colors of silk duponi that I use as a beading surface. The afternoon was spent running around Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn (whew) with my friend (an arts administrator in the know) who took me to see THREE exhibitions by the art star of the moment Olafur Eliasson (see below) at MOMA, PS 1, and a small gallery in Chelsea. Also got to go to the FIT (Fashion Institute of Tech) exhibition space. Walking out of Penn Station into the utterly lovely chaos of that city is fantastic.

Olafur Eliasson

Fabric Workshop & Museum in Philly! My “trip treat” is a Kiki Smith Lamb Bank (a multiple, cheap, versus an original!)

Philly’s Chinatown, where I couldn’t resist buying some glittery treats!

So the book I’m in called Creative Quilting with Beads by Lark Books is out, and I received a copy early this week! You can get it on Amazon HERE. This is the first time (not the last, hopefully) that I’m in a book, which is thrilling.

In mid-July, I’m on the road teaching again – to St. Louis’s Craft Alliance for a weekend workshop, which has filled up with no trouble. Having a big image of my piece Seven for a Secret Never Told didn’t hurt that, I’m sure. The weekend prior to that I’ll be back in C-Bus to teach two more one-dayers at Byzantium Bead including one for their staff since they were so excited about it. That’s flattery.

Exhibitions: I’ll be in Cream of the Crop at the Southern Ohio Museum in Portsmouth,w which opens this Friday and runs most of the summer (?), and will also be in a small small in western KY late July. And, Kira Campbell and I are having a two person exhibition at Zen Clay Gallery in Morgantown, WV in Sept/Oct.

Currently, I’m working on finishing the Three for a Wedding piece as well as doing a new series of Roadkill Altars. Will post pics soon!

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