Three for a Wedding finished, and embarking on the last workshop long haul

Three for a Wedding from the Counted Crows series is finished! Here are some rough photos – I plan on taking the “real” photos later for exhibition/workshop proposals (of course, the clear push pins aren’t part of the piece). The piece also has a bit of a hipster reference to a song by the band Arcade Fire, which has a line that goes “a house on fire, a rising sea”. The images of the man and woman are on pressed metal Greek votives that I bought at Byzantium and did black acrylic vanish on to antique them so they’d blend more with that flaming heart fabric.

Full size (a little more than 2 ft h):

Top detail:

Bottom detail:

The next two lines in the poem that I’ll be working with is: Eight for Heaver & Nine for Hell.

Other than pushing hard to get this piece done, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the needs of the three upcoming workshops in the next week and a half, the two in C-Bus @ Byzantium and the weekend one @ Craft Alliance. And, also trying to remind myself to take advantage of the last dregs of summer, since as soon as August comes, it’s all over but the crying. Or should that be, with the crying?

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