The rabbit goes around the tree and into the ground, and other tales . . .

Occasionally I do an Internet search with my name + art because you just never know (and sometimes perhaps ignorance IS bliss), but this time when I did it, this link to a short video came up of me demo’ing to high school art students how to sew down sequins and do a “shi-sha” mirror technique with paillettes (“the rabbit goes around the tree…..). Watch the THRILLING video HERE.

We all (myself + hubby + friends) had a great time in Louisville, which included the reception, meeting the terrific artist Shawn Quinlan (website HERE), having a fantastic dinner at Havana Rumba off Shelbyville Rd., and spending QUITE a bit of time at Connections (we were there, admittedly, for both the early as well as the LATE drag shows) – that is indeed one of the best gay bars I have ever been to, this from a vet of nearly 20 years haunting habitats of that persuasion.

Gothic Vessel & me @ Form, Not Function, Carnegie Center for Art & History

Rollin' Down the River @ Connections Bar

Pete & me outside Lynn's Paradise Cafe with our concrete friends

All and all, it was a ton of fun. Now the semester and all of that begins next week, so farewell holiday break. I was lucky enough to receive another Creative Productions Grant from MSU to pay for supplies + travel to buy said goodies, so there’s NYC Garment District in my future with all the shiny things to procure. The annual faculty show installation happens this week and next, and I’m in the weird situation of having much of my new work out and about, instead of available for the show. Worst things have happened.

Another upcoming show that I won’t be able to get to most likely, but am excited to be included in, is “Human’s Nature” at the Giles Gallery @ Eastern Kentucky University.

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