the fates

A friend and I recently had a discussion (or debate, or fight) regarding the existence of fate, a universal/cosmic structure or the lack therefore. I believe it, he does not.

But here’s some proof for my side. After getting the wee bit depressing news that a workshop I was to do this summer is about to be canned due to low enrollment (pause in typing in order to flog myself), I got two separate e-mails about doing workshops in state and also in PA, at a well known contemporary craft center. There may be a possibility of actually losing money doing the PA one, but it is prob worth it just to put it on my resume.

Tomorrow I have a workshop that I’ve yet to pull and organize the supplies for…. so much for planning ahead. I wonder what I’m thinking when I schedule workshops during what ends up being my busiest weekend so far as grading and class work.

Other stuff – have 3 exhibitions in the hopper to hear back from, and there are some other shows with deadlines looming. I need to get my act together and order more slides from – great, great site where you upload your digitals and for $2.50 for the first slide, and less for each dup, you get high quality slides in a few days. I wonder how long that business concept is going to stay strong, but it is amazing how many galleries/such-like still want slides. As a gallery director, I will admit to my luddite-preference for slides, for the ease of pulling them out of the portfolio and holding them up to the light and knowing right then what you’re dealing with. Versus holding up a CD, which doesn’t tell you a whole hella lot. Don’t ever seen a CD to a gallery/such-like without at least one hard copy image of your work. Otherwise, it’s too easily placed in the circular file. Not that I would do that…..

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