The Dame, Death, and the Dandy

The Dame, Death, and the Dandy (click for larger)

The Dame, Death, and the Dandy, 2007
Acrylic on shaped canvas with found objects
3 painting at 5 x 3′ each



In the spring of 2006, I was asked to participate in a two-person installation exhibition in a large gallery. Since my work is generally small (so ipso facto, doesn’t fill that much linear footage) and I don’t do installations.

Here’s the beginning efforts of the project, to be installed in the Tuska Center for Contemporary Art at the University of Kentucky. Jan/Feb 2007. Eventually, all twelve of the images will be on the site.

The twelve paintings are based on the concept of the Stations of the Cross that, as a child, I was enamored with. I like the fact that the Loteria images (“Lottery”, a bingo card game from Mexico) are used to do tarot readings as well as employed as a game. I am attracted to images that are heavily based on symbolism. I may continue to make more of these paintings after the twelve in order to tell different narratives depending on what I need to communicate at that point in my life. Also, I enjoy the fact that each viewer will translate in a different way, what they “read” into the body of work.

Each painting is approximately 60 by 36″, and installed directly on the wall with brass upholestry tacks. The fake flowers are from this great store in Olive Hill, KY (even though my home address is “Olive Hill”, I’m still a fur piece away) called Yang’s Dollar Plus. It’s got great kitschy Chinese things — basically, it’s my favorite Xmas shopping experience.

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