That’s what I get . . .

for fussing on about not having a lot going on, since the universe has now handed me a stack of self-induced and externally requested activities.

Out of the Concourse Gallery exhibition in Upper Arlington (read: Columbus), Ohio, came a visiting artist residency opportunity at their high school! So I’ll be up there the 22nd/23nd (of THIS month, yikes), doing a project with them based on African Guardian Figures. Should be a riot! The other two artists the arts educator is using for project exemplars are Faith Ringgold and Aminah Robinson, two lovely ladies and terrific artists that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting BOTH (lucky!).

Also – so now I must stop yapping on about how my work never seems to qualify as “art quilty” enough – got news this week that I will be showing the work below, which will be one of thirty-one works (chosen out of 361!) on display in Form Not Function, an exhibition to be held at the Carnegie art center in New Albany, IN, January – March 2011.

Gothic Vessel (After Duccio)

It’ll be a great excuse to go to Louisville!

The Magpie Miscellany etsy shop is about 1/10th of the way done – you can visit it @ We shall see what happens – nothing has sold yet, but I’m hoping that once the entire shop is on-line with the range of artwork, it’ll be interesting to potential buyers. David Moore, my web guru, will be adding a link or button or some techie thing to the front page of my site to shunt people over there.

Finally, my next two weekends are booked with art stuff. This weekend I’ll be the “fine art” judge of the regional MAGI art show in town, so that will be fun. Jurying is my job without the grunt work! Next Saturday I’ll be in Mt. Sterling at the Gateway Arts Center doing a bead embroidery workshop. This is the first workshop since June. Yikes! Hope this is the one that breaks the recession curse of 2010…….

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