Secret to success

as an artist? Can you go ahead and make plans, submit work, and get in the studio immediately after (or during?!?!?!) a major artistic ego stomp? If the answer is affirmative, good for you, because it’s going to happen sooner or later and you need that tenacity to carry on. Consider this a “pep” talk – it’s as peppy as I get.

The exhibitions are going well – and I will be hearing back from both Quilt National (my real “third times a charm” wish) and Materials Hard & Soft in TX soon. The Cloth Paper Scissors “Artisan Search 2011″ was a challenge, if you will, that I didn’t succeed at BUT it didn’t cost me anything. Interesting though, that both my friend and I: 1) uploaded our images & info prior to the deadline, and 2) were on the first and second pages of the “most popular” out of over a 1,000 works, and still did not make the semi-finalists. Further details to make it more interesting: at least one of the semi-finalists in our category could claim neither of those things. Oh, well – this paragraph is the only amount of energy I’m putting into considering that publication as a venue in the future. BLAH!

Prepping for three shows running at the same time has made me a little art-burnt, so I am currently . . . . really truly . . . quilting! My parents gave me a flannel quilt top they got at an auction from the mid-20th c and I am currently quilting it with the ladder stitch over all the seams with this very fine merino wool. It’s for a xmas gift, and it’s NICE and BRAINLESS! Perfect companion for watching Mad Men and this cool weather coming on. Although Duchess is too fond of it while I’m quilting, and I’m too much of a sucker to push her off the couch!

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