Proof that if you harass people long enough

You will eventually get your way!

So I got the happy surprise today of receiving notification that I got into Woman Made Gallery’s 11th Annual International Open. Mind you, I’ve been rejected from Woman Made like THREE TIMES or something, so this comes with a special spike of sweetness. I was telling people I was going to apply for their exhibition opportunities until 1) I was accepted, or 2) I was a cold corpse in the ground. So now, perhaps I won’t have to go the way of the dead.

Other updates – the semester’s over (can I get an amen, brother?), and I’ve been able to piddle about the farm working on various and sundry projects, mostly Xmas gifts. Which is nice, because many of of them are shrink polymer acrylic and ink paintings (read: fancy talk for shrinky dink), so it’s sort of like tracing and coloring for the afternoon. Not bad work if you can get it. I also made (just for myself) a matchbox altar covered with thai paper, with a tiny shrinky dink icon as the centerpiece. It was my first time making matchbook art – I could see how addictive it could be, especially for those of us addled with OCD.

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