One new finished piece, mock-up for current work in new series

As aforementioned, here’s an image of the piece finished while up @ Miami U . . .

Jennifer A. Reis
Acts of Contrition, 2007
6 x 4″, hand-worked embellished textile assemblage

and a mock-up of the next big piece, also from the new series . . .

The piece is tentatively titled “Who Knows How To Be”. Using paper, like the cut out crow shapes and the paper towel (to represent the banner, which will be embroidered with the words “a wife, a mother, and a professional”. Those metal pieces at the top are greek votives I’ve been collecting for some time, of course with no earthly idea what for.

Both pieces (and there’s a third, about a quarter of the way finished) are part of the new series featuring crows/ravens. Since I’ve been showing the works in progress to people, I’ve hear a lot of various interesting stories about crows. But the question comes up often – why crows? I don’t know, I guess (as I heard put so eloquently recently) make the work first, figure out the bs later. I can’t get Goya out of my mind lately – keep thinking about his print “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters”. At the moment, the crows are messangers as well as harpies – maybe annoying communicators.

As to the name of the series, haven’t a clue as of yet…….

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