Off to the land of Cleves, a work in progress, and keeping hope alive

There’s a giant pile of supplies currently in my dining room awaiting the task of being carefully “fitted” into my Fit.  It’s the first multi-day workshop road trip for the little thing, which I have named the ‘batmobile’.  I’ll be up at the Cleveland Institute of Art again, stopping in Columbus to visit family/friends en route.

Here’s a work in progress, Anima Sola.  I haven’t worked on a piece with intensive beading for a few months, and as long as there’s something both entertaining and not too challenging to listen to via Netflix, it’s not too insane (currently, the “Prohibition” documentary miniseries is doing the trick).

I have been able to log some intensive hours in the studio, mainly because in early June I walked into the place and saw this:

It was a rough spring.  So, I spent a day and did this:

There are some people who insist that creativity and artistic productivity exist in a mess; not for me.  Plus cleaning the studio is a good activity when you’re stuck or frustrated, with art or life in general.

In keeping hope alive, or living out the Einstein quote about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results . . . just freshened up my Etsy site with a lot of new encaustic paintings (the project to turn a section of the lower level of the house into a painting/wood shop studio is complete (only took ONE YEAR).  Here’s the link:

Next workshop after Cleveland is a one-dayer at Berea’s Festival of Learnshops on Saturday July 20.

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