Off to the Big(ger) City & New Piece

So Pentecost is DONE and photo’d. I had some extra motivation due to a Surface Design Association newsblog deadline that was MONDAY. I’ll post a link to the essay once it’s up.

Pentecost is about 13″ h, on blood red silk dupoini embroidery with these cool two-tone gold/orange beads plus some red ones. The Ale-8 cans (it’s a KY thing, for those out-of-staters) are cut with metal shears and sewn down with upholstery thread using a larger embroidery needle. It’s not unlike sewing through heavier laminate – not something I’d do all day (ouch) but you can do it for a few hours at a time with no trouble. I’m starting to use more plastic, dimensional objects again, so hence the “golden” lamb I got from Michaels and then painted. The cotton “frame” for the lamb is from an old apron. This piece is part of my current work where I’m pushing the assemblage/mixed media/found object thing more and more. I don’t think I’ll be moving away much from having the primary materials and construction be stitch & textile related, but they are probably going to start looking more like assemblages and less like fiber art.

Pentecost, 2011

Pentecost (detail)

Pentecost (detail)

I’m also off to Richmond, Kentucky tonight with friends because of the opening reception for the exhibition “Nature’s Human” at the Giles Gallery at Eastern Kentucky University. A little birdie told me I won a prize, so WHOO! I’m socking this art money away for some summer trips so every dollar counts.

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