Nomadic Shrink Artist – live from Cup of Joe, Clintonville, C-Bus!

I’m currently in lovely Columbus, Ohio to teach at Byzantium Beads, this time to do shrink art embellishments for charms, jewelry, etc.  Wine charms are a great use of shrink art (fancy talk for artist grade “shrinky dink”).  If you’re interested in trying this at home (get a toaster oven, first thing!  don’t use your oven – you’ll get bad results, plus introduce nasty melted plastic into your food prep area – which I don’t think is too appetizing myself), you can go to Lucky Squirrel, which is a great on-line source.

There’s a new series of smaller works, because quite frankly, the month long commitment to create a larger piece is getting a little exhausting.  So, stay tuned for the “What Came First” series, resplendent with bunny/chicken hybrids.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I can no longer declare (or pout) that I don’t sell work.  A former student has purchased Mother Meta, and while I am sorry to see her go since she was just “born”, she is going to a very, very good home.  Since the summer, I think six pieces have sold, which is a record for me, quite frankly.  I’m happy to sell work – it’s nice to know people want to live with it.

The summer 2010 is booking up, and that means I am now scheduling one or two workshops locally/regionally for spring, and shooting for fall/winter 2010/11 with national ones.  This is some alternate universe where I’m juggling the present and the future (kinda like when Little Edie of Grey Gardens says, “It’s very difficult to keep the line between the past and the present. You know what I mean? It’s awfully difficult.”).  I love her, she’s my role model.  See pic below.

Little Edie of Grey Gardens in one of her fantastic and revolutionary outfits!

Little Edie of Grey Gardens in one of her fantastic and revolutionary outfits!

Continuing on with the summer plans, it appears that I will be teaching a 2 week class @ MSU focused on embellished textile assemblage (with NO knitting and crochet instruction, which let me tell you, was enough to tip me over the cliff) in May and a Surface Design in Textile Collage class @ CraftSummer, Miami U, in June.  I will be at the Americans for the Arts conference in late June in Baltimore, and showing in Boston in July/August with a master class tentatively scheduled for early August.  I may go up to the Quilt Surface Design Symposium in early June.  It’s not all work, no play (although all that stuff is fun, and if it wasn’t and was pure work, I wouldn’t do it!), Dad and I are going to Germany again in July, and Pete is going to meet up with us, and he and will be hopping on one of those super fancy fast train to grand Par-i for a few days.  I’m a jetsetter, except on a beer budget rather than champagne style, and that’s just fine.

Re: MSU, we’re about ready to open our next show, Terrible Beauty.  The gallery is on Facebook, so if you are, search “Claypool-Young Art Gallery, Morehead State University”, and you to can become a “fan”!  I’ve also been charged with leading a committee to develop an Arts Administration Interdisciplinary Minor, and as that’s something I’m obviously professionally invested in, it’s exciting.

Off to Kinkos to laminate more Victorian Repro Die-Cuts – they’re currently invading my artwork!

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