new piece and another workshop scheduled

The Cleveland Institute of Art contacted me about teaching a working July 14 & 15, so keep posted on that. Most exciting detail about that: the workshop has a scheduled “Wine & Reflection” period at the end of each day. Fantastic!

So I completed a new place over the break and started one as well (the latter will be called “Pentecost” and features sewn-down Ale-8 cans in the form of a burning bush). Here’s some images of the finished one, called “B is For . . . “. When I started to put the pieces together, it was initially going to be a piece referencing Hannah Hoch, the Dada artist who worked in collage, but then the piece began to be a reflection on the movie “Black Swan” (which, in my humble opinion, was all about duplicity and female aggressive). It measures about 12″ H, and is very mixed in media – consisting of gold painted fabric trim and plastic lamb, beaded cabochon (the “B”), seed beading on the silk duponi background, fabric acrylic transfer (burnt around the edges), vintage French sequins (the skirt), a nudie playing card, and costume jewelry. Whew!

B is For . . . .

B is For . . . .

B is For . . . . (detail of the skirt made with vintage French sequins)

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