Pete and I went to Nashville over Spring Break and had a riot.  Here’s what we got into.

First mistake: thinking I could actually leave the BLUEgrass.  It was the SEC final game with UK.  You can take the girl out of Kentucky . . .

I did some research with friends and the Internets, and one place that kept popping up was Robert’s Western World.

Where seemingly at any point in the day (& night) you can see great country music, more in the vein of old time and traditional – here’s Sunday Morning Gospel Music @ Robert’s . . .

We went back to Robert’s quite a bit (tried to get into the Station Inn with no avail), and it did not disappoint.

The enthusiasm from my friend and terrific bluegrass musician Karly Higgins motivated me to go to Katy K’s Designs & Ranch Dressing, where I found a great Madonna (as in Mary) belt and “I’m Dead” Elvis magnets.

Awesome Johnny Cash embellished jacket:

Wandering around downtown, Pete and I stumbled upon Printers Alley, notorious for nocturnal misbehavior.  We found that there one evening, in the form of a very odd Karaoke bar ala David Lynch.

Speaking of printers, I had to go to Hatch Show Print, which is the home of the infamously recognizable text-heavy aesthetic in poster design.  And we purchase a number of (very reasonably priced!!!!) posters for ourselves and gifts.  More stuff for the yet-to-be-framed pile  . . .

I’ve shown pictures of Nashville’s Parthenon & Athena in class, and was very excited to see it in person.  It didn’t disappoint.   Here’s some background info.

The Parthenon, redux:

Here she is, Miss Greco-Nashville . . .

Finally – BISCUITS!  We drove out to the Loveless Cafe.  I highly recommend, but not for the diet-conscious!

Speaking of food, we ate well.  Germantown Cafe, Jack’s BBQ, Loveless Cafe, and Samurai Sushi were great places.  Flyte disappointed, a bit to 1990s euro food posturing.

Back in Morehead, we’re getting the 2010 Sophomore Show set up.  The CoffeeTree Embellished Textile Cuff workshop for Saturday, April 17 is filling up – even with people from Ohio – a favorite loyal follower.  I’m been recycling call-for-entries lately, mainly because I’m got a lot on my plate through the fall, and also because I’m sick of paying $35 to be rejected.  Multiple that $35 by a lot and you’ll get my tax info due to the CPA this Friday.  The Lynda Barry event in late April will be here before I blink – we’ve got the student workshops totally filled and the public one about 50% of the way.  Should be very exciting!  I’ve started doing some more mixed media pieces with paint, sequins, found objects – it’s been an opportunity to do more work, quicker, and more intuitively.  We’ll see how they turn out – some should be exhibited in the shows scheduled for the fall.

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