Long Overdue

It’s been a looonnngggg time coming that I post an update on here, but the spirit has not been as willing and the time not as generous as it’s been previously! But, an update on current and previous activity is called for at this moment. As we were notified at CCAD as freshmen the first week, procrastination is Enemy #1!

First, I’m currently in two exhibitions. Focus: Fiber 2011-2012 @ the Canton Museum of Art, land of my birth, through early March. Web site: http://www.cantonart.org/166. Mom and I attempted to drive up there this past weekend. A random snowstorm derailed the trip about 30 miles north of Columbus. Another exhibition that I actually got to see in person, and used the opportunity to hang out with old friends is the OH+5 show up at the Dairy Barn Arts Center (it’s telling that I get into the fine art shows @ the Dairy Barn but not Quilt National – just an observation). Here’s some photos from my wonderfully wild weekend in Athens Ohio:

My good friend Courtney Kessel is a third year MFA candidate at Ohio U in sculpture, and she gave me a tour of the individual sculpture students which are at the Ridges, a former asylum from the late 1800s. The complex is just amazingly insane (sorry) in scale, and there’s some relics of the previous tenants as well.

I have two public speaking gigs coming up in early March, so my giant vessel of coffee better be close by. The first is opening remarks at the Rowan County Quilt Show, and the second is a juror’s talk in Louisville at the Watertower Art Center for the Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Association’s Members Exhibition, of which I curated a month ago. India Flint used gin and tonic to get her through her Surface Design Association presentation in Minneapolis, but given my low tolerance, caffeine is a better bet. However, Ms. Flint’s method is highly memorable!

One of my 2012 “goals” (I don’t do resolutions as they never happen) is to take rather than teach art/textile classes. I just took my first one at a fantastic sewing store in Columbus OH on High Street north of OSU called Sew to Speak (web site: http://sewtospeak.blogspot.com/). It was a class on making Amy Butler’s Barcelona Skirt, and despite my usual M.O. of only being able to craft a tapestry of obscenities with my sewing machine, the skirt turned out OK, fancy invisible zipper and all! My second class is a one week encaustic workshop with Kristy Deetz, a former visiting artist here at MSU, at Arrowmont in August. Super excited about that one!

Finally, I am having my first solo show, appropriately at the Appalachian Artisan Center, from early March to late April. There is a workshop tentatively planned for Saturday, April 28, a one day-er on embellished mini art quilts. I will try to post more details as they come together.

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