Kentucky Foundation for Women workshop in Morehead!

The Kentucky Foundation For Women has been extremely generous to me through both their Art Meets Activism and Artist Enrichment grants, and Kentucky is very fortunate to have a grant-giving non-profit focusing on the promotion of female/feminist work.

And, they have asked me to be one of several presenters representing “feminist” artists. Which I am. Which isn’t seen as an overly popular thing to call yourself currently, but since 1) I consider myself a feminist being that I assume men and women are equally capable of being fully functioning adults; and 2) my artwork (sometimes) can be narcissistic indulgence (or therapy, depending on your perspective) about being of the female persuasion specific to ME: it’s probably most likely the case that I am, indeed, a “feminist” artist.

The Kentucky Foundation for Women seminar is being held on Tuesday, February 12 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the Morehead Conference Center.

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