Just when I thought I was out….

They pull me back in! (my apologies to the Godfather)

Yep, I’m back in the country, a few pounds heavier from vino rosso and very good bread.

School is about to start, and I am about to finish the second crow piece and start the big one soon.

The Kentucky Arts Council funded a small grant to help me with tech equipment so soon I will have a scanner at my house (or maybe office, haven’t decided….) and I can be a scanning fool with the small to medium size pieces. I’ve been joking to friends that all my artwork will now be produced with a size mandate conforming to the scanner bed. Har, har, har.

Will post images and comments re: the trip soon, especially to Wien (Vienna) where I was able to go to the Secession Building (swoon) and other various delights. What a cupcake of a city!

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