It’s the most wonderful time of the year …

March and April are totally crazy at my job as gallery director/college professor, so I like to imagine myself skipping down the hallway singing that.  It’s only a dream at this point.

The Winchester workshop was a smashing success! Photos below . . .

The room set up by the very attentive Miss Brett Martin, who even provided the requested (and much used, to amusement by the workshop participants) rolly-chair, which helps me scuttle around the table “U”.

Bernadette Barton, Sociology Professor at MSU, delighted with her piece…..

Shrink Dink fun . . .

I was very impressed on how intensive people were working and what they accomplished:

Annie Hesse runs doll and mixed media workshops: check out her web site @

Laura Appleby-Williams will be having her BFA show in Lexington, April 16!

I love the shaped house piece that Marcy Wyatt made – and the use of the feather stitch and her colors, too.

My dear friend Neal Linville made this shaped flower piece with a frame of Mardi Gras leaves from a bracelet.  He’s a superb floral designer, so this didn’t surprise me one bit when it turned out so nice!  He is also King of the Do-Yos, as he kept accidentally calling YoYos (those flower-type fabric bundles, also called pom-poms) Donuts – so Do-Yos it is!

Vanessa Ziembroski’s Heart, which she has a very big one as the owner of the Winchester Opera House and a generous and delightful person who just happens to be an AMAZING cook.

All in all, a fantastic weekend of meeting new people and spending time with old friends.  Not bad work if you can get it!

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