This past week I sold my first ever artwork on Etsy.com, Lucky’s Happy Helper Altar, to a buyer out in CA.  And the commission was only $5 (vs the $75 it would have been in a for-profit gallery!). Hope it makes it out there without damage – that’s the most nerve-wracking part.  Here’s an interesting link to some ETSY stats that are pretty amazing: http://www.etsy.com/storque/etsy-news/etsy-statistics-november-2010-weather-report-11357/

The past few weeks have indeed been quite lucky for me.  Both the student Craft Bizarre (participants made over $700!) and the Appalachian Holiday Art/Craft Fair went well, then I sold the Altar, and then, after more than a year of wailing about it, found Three for a Wedding buried under some fabric in my office today whilst frantically searching for some ribbon to wrap up office xmas gifts.  I can’t believe it – really & truly thought I had recycled it by accident at the Good Foods Co-Op during a frantic day where I had just taught a 6 hr workshop on Professional Skills for the Practicing Artist in Lexington (the irony of the situation is not lost on me).  So now I can frame up what is really one of my favorite pieces and start exhibiting it.  The piece has been used a lot on promo materials, but hardly exhibited as I lost it pretty much right after finishing it – the horror!

It is time for me to FOCUS in the studio on two things – 1) XMAS GIFTS which I am very unfocused on this year, and 2) CLEANING up from the mess of busyness this fall and winter.

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