Finishing up 2009 . . .

It’s hard to believe 2009 is nearly over, and so is the window of time to make work with that date on it.  With exhibition call for entries seemingly reducing the artwork “birth” date from 5 to 3 to now 2 years old, it’s not such a bad thing that something started in 2009 is finished in 2010!

The Winchester Opera House workshop was a success, thanks to the owner Vanessa Ziembroski and curator/manager Brett Martin.  With all their  great talent (including their in-house florist extraordinaire, Neal Linville), keep an eye out for exciting new exhibitions and workshops from their facilities.

The last few weeks have given me some not-so-good news on the art front, primarily in the form of art opp rejections, and worst, a lost artwork.  It’s a favorite of mine, and has seemingly vanished into thin air.  After the initial mourning period, I’ve released it off, away from its maker (vs the usual).

But, all of these has made me realize a few things: first, I need to make more work so I’m not so crushed by the loss of one piece, and second, that I need to tidy up the ship so to speak.  With the wedding and other crazy stuff at work, I was sending out stuff here and there, not keeping tabs on anything.  Lesson learned.

Lastly, I did receive an award from a Day of the Dead show I was in as a surprise (more moolah for Spain!), and just finished the work below, Ecce Homo, which is mounted on silk damask – that’s a first for me, and I like it.

Ecce Homo: applique, embroidery, laminates, found objects, and hand-painted acrylic/ink shrink art

Ecce Homo (detail): applique, embroidery, laminates, found objects, and hand-painted acrylic/ink shrink art

I’m started a new piece about Saint Margaret that’s an assemblage piece with a doll dress, beaded appliques and trim, laminates and lots of beading, about 24 x 14″.  It’s on pink silk duponi . . . it’s femme but there’s something really odd/creepy about it.  Maybe it has to do with my current obsession with the book “Sacred Arts of Voudou” that I finally ordered a copy for myself.  Or maybe I’m just starting to embrace the fact that these works are heavily loaded altarpieces. Stay tuned!

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