Duck and Cover

Not me, the poor students and my colleagues.

Due to circumstances out of my control (well, partially, since I really SHOULDN’T drink what probably amounts to 10 cups of coffee a day) like the cruelest month of my working year (April, duh), personal stuff (I’d use another word, but hey, I’m a lady), and my wee hobby of throwing objects in reach……..well, quick reaction skills should be required by all who dare cross my office threshold from now until finals week.

Be warned.

Beyond working on my pitching arm, things are moving along. Tomorrow I ship a piece to the Museum of the American Quilt(er) Society (or is it the AQS Museum??? confused…) and later this week get a large amount of my work back from a group show out in the boonies of Wyoming. My art is going places I never will!

I had my first meeting/appt with a gallery owner, and now it seems I have gallery representation. Now on my art resume, it will say Gallery Representation: Swanson Reed Galleries. How odd! I was driving through L’Ville on Monday thinking, wow, I lived here 7 or so years ago and couldn’t even get a retail clerk job in that gallery, among others, and now I’m represented by them.

So, here’s a cheery thought from the optimistic pessimist – things change. For worst or sometimes better.

What other arty stuff? Mainly, feeling like I have no time to make work. But, the semester is almost over and I’ll have some time. I have a workshop to host this weekend, just a Saturday thang. Possibly, maybe, I may (at some point, don’t want to get too biggy about it) be teaching at both Haystack and the Center for Contemporary Craft because both institutions are considering scheduling one of my workshops during 2006/07. Oh, and also in the teaching vein, a friend just confirmed a short teaching artist residency I’m going to do through the large middle school campus north of Columbus in spring 2007. Haven’t heard back from the women’s foundation grant, but I’m hoping to soon and positively, because I need the moolah to buy a digital camera.

Speaking of stipends, despite a snotty (semi-snotty, partially sweet) e-mail I sent last week, still no check. However, I did get paid part of my stipend for a series of classes I’m doing with the local middle school here through their 21st Century after school program. Which I am grateful for. I just want the other check!

The Axis Mundi self medication piece is coming along, and I spent time working on it this morning prior to schlemping off to campus.

Speaking of schlemping, there’s a grad seminar class I need to be in right now. Only two more classes after this for MA #2. And no more after that. I swear.

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