Come see me @ Appalachian Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair!

My visit to Upper Arlington High School in Columbus was a ton of fun, and working with their lead arts educator, Alicia McGinty, was great. Yet another opportunity in that part of Ohio, which makes it easy to visit my parents and CCAD/Cols Art Museum friends!

This coming Saturday (December 4th), photographer Ann Olson and me will be sharing a booth at the Appalachian Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair on the campus of Morehead State University. Read all about the details @ This will be my FIRST EVER art fair as an adult (I did CCAD’s Student Sales a few times whilst in college), and I’m looking forward to the experience, good – bad – or indifferent. It’ll be a learning opportunity regardless. Plus I get to sit with Ann (aka, the Violent Quaker) all day and people watch – good times!

Etsy status = two sales. Funneling those profits into constant renews and new listings. After the sale is over, I’m revamping some stuff because it’s clear based on purchases and views what I should and should not focus on.

And at some point this week I need to framed up the Gothic Vessel piece as it’s due soon to the Carnegie Center. Thankfully I have a usable frame for it – everything is getting framed now since it seems to bring the work up to a higher level. Unfortunately, framing = more money in shipping and obviously in framing. Sigh.

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