Back from CraftSummer @ MU!

Just got back from CraftSummer 2007 @ MU, and had a blast as per usual. The folks there (Ron, Geoff, and Joyce, + the studio assistants) make the whole experience great. Most of all, the students are fantastic. Is it wrong to have the ulterior motive of poaching friends from these workshop classes? And, I sold a small piece (Gossip, from the Postcards from Anxietyville series), traded Motherships for an amazing pair of earrings by the metals workshop instructor (Kelly, CCAD faculty no less – there was one other CCAD faculty teaching there – Bill Hunt, in ceramics. We’re EVERYWHERE. You can’t hide!), and a great small piece of textile art made by one of my students. And I got a small piece finished, from the new Crow series (not sure yet of the title, tba), which I’ll scan and post up here.

Working hard at CraftSummer (some of these hardworking nuts were up until wee hours of the morning laboring over their pieces!)

Kelly Burichin of Cincinnati explaining the finer points of stitching (probably along the tune of “who knew it was going to take so friggin’ long!). We love Kelly!

Ron Stevens, CraftSummer director, like most program directors at universities, suffers the scourge of bureaucracy re: parking during the 2007 round of CraftSummer workshops. Why help someone or listen to their problems when you can make fun of the situation?!?!? The shrinky dink embellishments were the genius idea of one of the students.

Ron getting used to our style of sympathy and therapy.

My goal with teaching is to pass on texile techniques like applique, non-trad quilting, embroidery, and embellishment to equip and guide the student artists towards the creation of their individually designed/conceptualized piece. I love how everyone translates the techniques and materials with their personal vision.

Artist: Nicolette McFadden from Cincinnati, OH

Artist: Jen Ross from Columbus, OH

Artist: Kelly Burichin from Cincinnati, OH

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