Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi (click for larger)

Jennifer A. Reis
Axis Mundi (from the Self-Medication series), 2006
Hand-worked embellished textile assemblage
20 x 12″


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My brother was a student of Latin, but I definitely was NOT. I am big of enough of a geek to own (and yes, open at random to – gasp – learn odd new things) dozens of random compendiums of fairly useless information. I was going through one of such books when I saw this term Axis Mundi, which means center of the world. I decide to use that concept to create a work about drug use, whether recreational or as part of addictive behavior. It’s a better version of an early piece (not on the site) that deals with tobacco, achohol and drug use, either pharmaceutic or illegal. The work is almost too intense for me. Setting the obvious subject matter, I really think this piece is probably about death, or at least lethality.


Axis Mundi (detail)

Detail 1 (click for larger)

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