Attack of the sequin rosettes . . . Warrior Shoot finished . . . FINALLY!

Bad news: the “snowpocalypse” of 2010 barred travel to Ohio this Saturday for the Mardi Gras Mask workshop (and much needed thrift shop therapy).  Good news: “Warrior Shoot” is now finished (and see below, photographed!), had more experimenting time with the revered Diamond Glaze, and braved the Sunday hoards at the M’Head Goodwill to score some pretty good finds.

In workshop news, I’ll be teaching in Upper Arlington (northern suburb of Columbus) on Saturday, May 1 – the standard 4/5 hour textile collage class.  Between now and July, there’s about 6 classes ranging from afternoon to one week scheduled, so it’ll time to lay off for a time.

Images coming re: Diamond Glaze collage-paintings soon!

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