Art Update

Back from the long delay. Life’s been a wee nuts, but that’s all for another place.

A word of warning: when you do a visiting artist gig for a university, plan on getting screwed on the stipend. Or at least receiving the stipend in a timely manner. It’s been 6 weeks since I was at another institution, and hey, no moolah yet. Amazing! And I believe I do have the right to complain about this, given that I too host visiting artists at my home institution, and ahem, I always have the stipend check awaiting them. Not that I expected that, but I did expect my money with a MONTH. Don’t think I’m asking for the moon here, people.

Better news: am now officially a bid-ness: BRIGHT AND SHINY LLC. Hoorah! And, unlike the previously described situation, there was a quick turn-around on this. Shockingly quick. And also, a state agency. Wow!

I’m starting to work on a new series about self-medication. The first piece, Axis Mundi, is well on its way, with the fabric frame and applique sewn down. I’ll have a pic of it up soon. I have to get a new digital camera (which I think I found the one I want, at Target – a Canon 230 or something – about $299 and 5 megapixels, not a big deal but good enough for me), probably in the middle of the month (or whenever I receive my visiting artist stipend — ERRRRRRR) so I can move forward on this.

My new studio is pretty much set up and I’ll feeling settled there. I’ve gotten a wee bit behind on applying for shows, but not sweating it too much since I have 4-5 exhibitions in the hopper for this summer.

This week and weekend, will be off to Chicago to escort students with fellow faculty in associated with MSU’s Visual Art Guild. I’m looking forward to it, especially having an afternoon by myself to wander about the Art Institute. We’re going en masse one day, but I like to spend an obscene amount of time in museums, especially solo. I swoon in art museums. It’s sick.

There’s the update. I could go on at length about life/personal issues, but hey, that’s what the art’s for!


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