Art from the Heartland Exhibition @ the Indianapolis Art Center, etc.

This weekend, Pete and I took off to the midwest, possible snowstorm be damned, to go to the Art from the Heartland exhibition opening reception at the Indianapolis Art Center.  Great event, beautiful Michael Graves building, fantastic artwork.   Rare as it is that I leave the hills to actually go to an exhibition in which I’m participating, it was well worth the effort.

In other news . . . finally got my paws on Diamond Glaze, as per a suggestion by a favorite workshop student of mine.  Really fun stuff – applied it on top of a mixed media painting with sequins (images to be posted soon).  One lesson learned – even if it appears to be dry, let it cure for a couple days longer.  Don’t do as I did: leave it propped up against a wall to see how nice and shiny it got, and then leave it in that position for 24 hours.  Suffice it to say, a good amount of Diamond Glaze bunched up at the bottom of the piece.  If you’re someone who has little patience for leaving things well enough alone, perhaps DG is not the material for you.  I’m not given up on it yet . . .

Workshops are flying in after a bit of a dry spell.  I’ll be teaching at Byzantium Beads this coming Saturday for the Mardi Gras mask workshop. And in April will be doing an Embellished Fabric Cuff workshop @ CoffeeTree Books in Morehead.  Here’s some images of workshop samples …

In other workshop news, I’ll be teaching a weekend workshop @ the Winchester Opera House at the end of February (contact me @ for specifics to sign up), and this summer will be @ the Indianapolis Art Center and at the Upper Arlington Cultural Arts organization in Columbus, Ohio, and of course, CraftSummer @ Miami U.  Feast or famine!

Finally – traveling craft tip: Pete bought me the Freedom Tray set as a joke . . . ends up being a really nice craft tray for road trips.  Thanks, Freedom Tray!

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