Art Collage Glass Tile Pendants

I ordered a bunch of supplies to make the uber-popular glass tile pendants, and am having a blast cranking them out. They are made with smooth edged glass tiles and have mini art collages decoupaged on the back with Diamond Glaze. The jewelry “bail” is attached with sturdy E6000. After an enthusiastic review person-to-person and on Facebook, I took them over to our local bookstore (and more) CoffeeTree Books, where they want to sell them – and want a lot more! Here are some examples of the necklaces that are being sold for $15 each. Contact me @ if you want to order and/or see more images.

Bird in Space art collage glass tile necklace

Girl with Angels

Lady with Dress Pattern

Barcelona Saint

Thai Paper Necklace

Moonflower necklace

Spanish Madonna

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