A word of caution . . .

Don’t use an iron on laminates you tried to make at Kinko’s that still had big air bubbles – not a brilliant idea to think that squashing a bunch of heat on the plastic sheet will magically make adhesion happen!  Some of the harpy chickens (see previous post) look a little like potato chips – my plan is to sew those suckers down and hope for the best!

The Winchester workshop has filled to 15, so we’re moving the ceiling up to 20 since an article in the Winchester Sun – read it here – just came out and might generate more interest.  Big credit to Brett Martin, gallery curator and mistress of programming at the Winchester Opera House for being so on the publicity end of this.  In this climate, getting people to commit to $75 and a weekend of their time is a challenge, so kudos to her!

Pete and I are planning a Nashville trip soon – looking forward to going to the Frist, Parthenon re-do, and Katy-K’s & Ranch Dressing.  And my list of country/western bars is growing, thanks to my friends in “low places”.

Finally, Mary Nehring (textile artist from Versailles, KY – web site here) and I are now Surface Design Association state co-reps for Kentucky. The Surface Design Association is a terrific national organization for all artists working in fiber and/or textile techniques.  I love it because it’s not limited to one particular technique or area (like weaving or art quilting) – so I get introduced to a lot of other techniques, styles, and content.  Mary and I met up for dinner this past weekend and we’ve got plenty of ideas re: professional development, networking, and communication for SDA members in Kentucky, including a WordPress blog when I get that done!

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