Heartache (click for larger)

Jennifer A. Reis
Heartache (from the Postcards from Anxietyville series), 2006
Handworked embellished textile assemblage
5 x 6″ (approx)





The summer of 2006 I was visiting my friends Juliette Montegue and Greg Stange in Columbus, Ohio (she produced terrific leather purses, their web site should be up and running soon – check back), and I wanted to trade a piece with her for one of her great large hobo-style bags. I asked if she who be interested in trading for a Sexpot Icon. And she said (paraphrasing), I like your funnier pieces better (I felt like Woody Allen in Stardust Memories). And I was going through a personally difficult period of my life, and thought I could channel some of my anxiety into some smaller “funnier” pieces. Also, these pieces are exemplars for an upcoming workshop at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.

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